UK National Policy

Typically the UK wide policy is £75pp bed and breakfast. You are expected to be prepared to travel up to 25 miles to your final destination, from your hotel. The system automatically applies the policy limit, if you can't find a suitable hotel in policy, call the Cascade Hotels team on 0844 800 8802 (8.30am - 5.30pm) and they will help or authorise an alternative.

City Rates and London Rates

Certain UK towns and cities need a higher rate due to demand. The system has been programmed to recognise these automatically and raise the policy to £85pp bed and breakfast. In the central belt of London it raises to £135pp bed and breakfast.


A Minimum Standard

You are never expected to stay in less than a 3-star hotel or apartment hotel, with en-suite and breakfast available. 

Policy Management

Full reports are created by the system each month detailing any out of policy bookings - the booker name, traveller name, department, location, date etc. - these reports are shared with Procurement and Directors. Any out of policy bookings authorised by Cascade Hotels do not feature in the report.

If you are unable to find a suitable hotel close to your destination, speak to the Cascade Hotels team, they will search for you and authorised higher spend if necessary.


Call 0844 800 8802 to speak to the Cascade Hotels team.