Avoid Busy Periods

Be sure to check out our calendar to check for any forthcoming major events that may affect hotel and travel arrangements for your meeting or stay.

Location affects accommodation prices.

Can you stay 30 minutes away from your location? Or a couple of tube stations away? Moving away from city centre locations will reduce bedrooms rates drastically. Especially London!

Always try to book in advance.

Hotels prices increase the closer you get to the day of travel, being organised and booking in advance can save a lot of money. Remember to book flexible rates, so these bookings can be cancelled if your plans change.

Are you a regular traveller?

If you know you are going to be in an area quite often, speak to a member of the Cascade Hotels team who can organise a fixed rate for you at a local hotel.

Call us on 0844 800 8802 to see how we could help you.

Premier Inn

We do now have discount across the majority of Premier Inn hotels in the UK, you are able to access these through HotelBooker.

Rail Bookings

Using company cars to travel in groups is more cost effective than multiple train journeys.

Checking peak and off peak times.

The cheapest tickets are released earlier, so book early, also Advance purchase tickets are the cheapest however they are fixed times. And finally, sometimes 2 singles are cheaper than a return!

Refund for Train Delays

Did you know you can get compensation for train delays of over 30 minutes? These can be done by contacting train companies direct.

Do You Need to Stay Out?

The majority of the time, a train journey back costs considerably a lot less than a hotel booking room

If in doubt please call!

The team at Cascade Hotels are always on hand to find and negotiate the best rates for you.

Contact us on 0844 800 8802